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  • Solve Problems and Miseries - Are you in a phase of your life where you seem to be confused and always surrounded by problems and miseries?

  • Facing Failures - Do you feel that you are facing failures in all parts of your life, despite all your honest attempts ?

  • Unlucky - Are you failing to achieve success and happiness ?

  • Personal Favourites - Want to discover your personal Lucky Numbers and Key Dates in each and every area of your Life ?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then it’s time for you to get in touch with one of the best and leading Tarot Card Reader, Astrologer & Numerologist, Roma Karwaal today.

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Hi I’m Roma Karwaal!

Roma Karwaal can help you to understand the flow of energy from the planets and their impact on your life, also she can help you in understanding the world around you by observing numerical patterns in your daily lives, and in fact, can give you insight into your future & guidance about the right path to take.

Your leading astrologer Roma Karwaal is fully aware of the fact that there are endless problems in a human life that remove all of the happiness and bliss. All the events & situations, good or bad, that takes place in the life of a person are a result of the way the planets move in their life. She claims that it is only with the help of astrology and its mediums, that a person can understand which planets are creating problems in their life and what are the right ways through which these problems can be permanently eradicated from their existence.

With the help of Numerology, Roma Karwaal can help you tap into the underlying patterns of the universe and reveal new truths about who you are.

Get in touch with Roma Karwaal Today and, she will let you know how distant cosmic objects like planets and stars influence your lives. She will study the position of the moon, sun, stars, and planets when you were born to answer all your queries about your romantic relationships, personality, as well as will predict your financial fortune and other divination.

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Why Roma Karwaal for Tarot Reading, Astrology & Numerology?

Most Preferred

One of the most preferred astrologers in and around Canada.

Astrological Solutions

Can provide astrological solutions to all your life issues.

Discover Lucky Numbers

Can help in discovering your personal Lucky Numbers, Colors, Key Days & Dates in each and every area of your Life

Long Term Relationship

Weigh on maintaining a long-term relationship with all her clients.


Take Charge of your life today

Roma Karwaal is one of the most acknowledged astrologers with more than 10 years of professional experience counseling clients from all walks of life.

Consultations can be done on Video call across the Planet.


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